Filip Skaloud

My name is Filip,
and I can't say

On the other hand, I can write.


I'm a bilingual
copywriter. (Hi.)

My job is to choose the right English and Czech words for your website or app.

This is how it happens: I Iisten, talk, ask questions, talk some more, promise, think, think some more, quote a price, write, edit, rest for a while, hate it, rewrite, delete, write again, feel confident about what’s emerging, send for feedback, edit, get it proofread, deliver the final version to you.*

*Because even Colonel Sanders realized the importance of following a certain formula to make your work finger lickin' good stand out.


I work with two types of clients.



You are a local company with global ambitions.
Sharp English copy is a must for you.


You aim to enter the Czech market from abroad.
This will go ztuha without texty in Czech.


Some people
say nice things
about my work.

If I'm not the luckiest guy on Earth, I don't know who is.

I cooperated with a big number of freelancers, but cooperation with Filip was for sure one of the BEST. What i really like is: time management, fast and honest feedbacks, constructive approach and a great deal of creativity. That’s a package, that not many people have. I would definitely recommend him!
— Martin Gažo, Founder at dreamBIG

If the copywriter’s performance was described as in cars Filip would be a reliable V12. He knows how to work fast, precisely and to make it fun at the same time. His skills and knowledge focused on digital copywriting are topped with ability to work both in Czech and English.
— Karolina Belohlavkova, Creative Director at J. Walter Thompson Prague

Filip is really creative in copywriting and he always deeply studies the background of the whole topic. He has a great knowledge about social media so with the copywriting skills he is able to create a complete campaign from scratch to a detailed and executable plan.
— Daniel Piterák, CEO at Danny P.

Filip is the no.1 person I’m thinking of when I need to get some copywriting done. I worked with Filip on two projects and he was always excellent. We did a lot of stuff together, to name a few: several blog posts from scratch, user engagement emails, translating special scientific text to human language, website copy, onboarding for users and engaging notifications. He understands quickly what needs to be done, asks very relevant questions and takes his work seriously. He gets everything done on time and he always explains his work very well. I love his outcomes - he kind of (still don’t know how) gets me and our users. Plus, he’s just great guy to hang around.
— Kate Pljaskovova, Founder & CEO at Liwely

Filip is such a great personality and it reflects on the cooperation with him. Dealing with him is easy going and pleasant. We at Angelcam had so many special requirements and Filip managed all of them with such a simplicity and elegance.
— Luke Kuca, Partnership success manager at Angelcam

During my career, I have had the opportunity to work with several copywriters, and Filip is the best of them all. His copy doesn’t lack for humour and power, it “buckles the reader up” and doesn’t let him go until everything important is said.
— Michal Brtníček, General Director at Meebio, s.r.o

Filip is the kind of leader whose passionate approach can fascinate others and motivate them to do their best and get great results. During my career, I have met only a few people as enthusiastic about what they do for living and as stress resistant as Filip.
— Michal Novák, Head of Communications at Foresite Marketing s.r.o.

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